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Родительская любовь не имеет себе равных: даже на большом расстоянии родители могут почувствовать наше недомогание, беду или несчастье, всегда придут на помощь и пожертвуют своими интересами, лишь бы мы, дети, были счастливы. I had a big long reply typed out but then my browser decided on its own to reload and after throwing a fit i decided to come back and attempt this again.. That they 8217 d take him from her and no one would want him or love him and he 8217 d live in a place where they would do much worse to him that she ever did.

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I hope those parents get a huge amount of money when they sue walmart and their state government which allowed this to take place. I am not saying it was right to take the kids away, but i also don 8217 t think it 8217 s true what this parent says that 8220 every parent has these same photos. Yes, maybe the parents should have been checked out but they should not of had their names put on the sex offenders list or lost their jobs.

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Frankly, i believe it is a responsible policy to ask photo developers to report photos that raise concerns in their opinion. Hugs, paula and still hop around the cave while not intentional most of the time, i can put my own foot in my mouth. First of all i think 8220 oh ya, i 8217 m sexually abusing my kids so i 8217 m going to take my pictures to walmart for developing? I 8217 ve witnessed people move to our community while neighbors put up signs on their lawn telling them to leave, the press covers stories about their move into town, public meetings are held, and they are shunned by all.

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